The Journal (officially, The Journal of the Canadian College of Construction Lawyers), established in 1998, is a respected law journal published by Carswell on behalf of the College. The Journal is devoted to publishing papers on subject matters of interest to construction law practitioners.

While construction law is recognized as a specialized practice area, it overlaps several other areas of law, some of which are, in themselves, distinct practice areas, such as bankruptcy and insolvency law, contract law, environmental law, tort law, surety law, builders’ lien law, and insurance law. In addition, because alternative dispute resolution (primarily mediation and arbitration) has become so widely used in resolving construction disputes, articles related to the law and practice of arbitration and mediation are frequently included in the Journal.

There are a number of subject areas that construction lawyers deal with on a regular basis, such as late notice issues, builders’ risk insurance, interpretation of builders lien legislation, unforeseen subsurface conditions, quantification of delay claims and termination clauses. A brief review of past issues of the Journal will show that there are recent articles on all of these subject areas, as well as on some of the more esoteric issues that arise in construction litigation such as reprisal clauses, the recent enactment of “prompt payment” legislation, and Mary Carter agreements. The Journal is not only a handy reference for construction law practitioners, it can also be an extremely valuable resource for lawyers who are learning about some of the subjects for the first time.

Journal Submissions

The Journal welcomes submissions from construction lawyers. It also welcomes submissions from non-construction lawyers, academics, and law students, as long as those submissions meet the high standards of the Journal.

We invite you to peruse the Tables of Contents of past issues of the Journal. We are confident that you will find articles that will pique your interest, and if you are involved in a construction litigation case, you will undoubtedly find useful reference material.

Indexes to the Journal of the Canadian College of Construction Lawyers

The Journal of the Canadian College of Construction Lawyers follows the mandate of the Journal to create a body of professional and scholarly published materials dealing with construction law and to provide resources for the construction industry at large.

Attached are the indices for the individual volumes of the Journal for your reference:

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