New Fellows Committee

Chair: Matthew Alter

Mandate: To work with the new Fellows to acquaint them with the nature and purpose of the College, outline the mandates of the various committees and introduce them more fully to the College.

Construction Law Education Committee

Chair: Geza Banfai/Howard Krupat

Committee: Jason Annibale, Duncan Glaholt, Donald Goodfellow, Andrew Heal, Harvey Kirsh, Andrea Lee, John Margie, David Marr, Marcia Oliver, Brian Samuels, John Singleton and Mario Welsh

Mandate: To take a leading and pro-active role in facilitating, organizing and promoting construction law education across a variety of professional disciplines that serve the construction industry including the introduction of construction law as a specialized area of practice to future lawyers and other industry professionals.

Outreach Committee

Chair: Marina Pratchett, Simon Grégoire

Committee: Doug Oles, Jason Annibale, Bernard Quinn (although retired)

Mandate: The objective of the Outreach Committee is to identify and develop opportunities for the College and/or its individual Fellows for participation with external organizations where such opportunities have the effect of raising the external profile and reputation of the College.

Insurance and Surety Committee

Chair: Andrew Wallace 

Committee: Matt Hayes, Chris Rusnak, Rocco Sebastiano, Nicolas Gagnon, Patrice Morin

Mandate: To provide timely information to Fellows regarding any issues, events or circumstances arising or developing in the areas of construction insurance and bonding.

Arbitration and Mediation Committee

Chair: Marcia Oliver

Committee: Master Albert, Duncan Glaholt, Brian Kapusianyk, Bill Kenny, Harvey Kirsh, John Logan, David Marr, Karen Martin, Greg Moores, Colin Piercey, Joel Richler, Brian Samuels, Murray Swatsky, Yvan Houle, Robert Jenkins

Mandate: CCCL recognizes that, arbitration and mediation within commercial law generally and specifically, within the practice of construction law, requires specialized knowledge. As such, the mandate of the Committee is to alert Fellows in a timely and helpful way, to issues and events in the areas of arbitration and mediation practice that may be relevant in their practices.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee

Chair: Doug Stollery

Committee: Stephanie Hickman, Karen Martin, Matthew Alter, Ken Crofoot, Andrea Lee, Chris O’Connor, Marcia J. Oliver, Seema Lal, Mélanie Jacques, Geoff Machum (ex-officio)

Mandate: The mandate of the Committee is to enhance equity, diversity and inclusion within the College.

Past Presidents Committee

Chair: John Murphy

Committee: All past presidents are members

Mandate: To provide guidance to the Executive as requested from time to time.

Publications Committee

Chair: Brian Samuels

Committee: Claudia Déry , Andrea Lee and Colin Piercey

Mandate: The Publications Committee is responsible for creating and publishing, on an annual basis, the Journal of the CCCL (the “Journal”). The Journal contains scholarly articles of interest primarily to construction lawyers and academics, and to the legal profession in general. The Publications Committee’s mandate with respect to the Journal is to solicit, review and edit such articles in order to promote professional excellence in the study and practice of construction law. The Publications Committee is also responsible for making recommendations regarding the awarding the Stephen J. Tattrallyay Memorial Award.

Construction Documents Committee

Chair: Doug Sanders

Committee: Membership of the committee is under review by the Chair

Mandate: The primary task of committee members is to contribute (or arrange to have contributed) chapters and updates to the CCCL Deskbook.

Legal Update Committee

Chair: Brendan Bowles

Committee: Michael Demers, Michael Skene, Andrew Wallace, Donald Lucky, Phil Scheibel, Murray Sawatzky, David Marr, Ron Price, Jason Annibale, Maria Ruberto, Guy Gilain, Greg Moores, John Kulik and Patrice Morin.

Mandate: The primary task of this committee is to provide regular and relevant legal updates to the collegians on developments in the construction industry

Officers and Governors Nominating Committee

Chair: John Murphy

Mandate: The mandate of the Committee is to nominate Fellows to act as Officers and Governors of the CCCL.

Website Committee

Chair: John Margie

Committee: Under review

Mandate: The Committee is responsible for the website of the CCCL including updates to the website and functionality of the website.


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