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May 2021
The Alternative Dispute Resolution Processes in Canada’s New CCDC 2-2020 Construction Contract

© 2021 Harvey J. Kirsh

October 2019 (Featured Note)
Adjudication of Construction Claims

November/December 2019 issue of the Construction Law Letter (Volume 36, Issue 2)

© 2019 Harvey J. Kirsh

April 2017
Construction vs. Design: Sorting Out Claims Involving Multiple Parties and Contracts

© 2017 Harvey J. Kirsh

November 2012
Pitfalls, Perceptions, and Processes In Construction Arbitration

© 2012 Harvey J. Kirsh, Glaholt LLP

February 2012
Belmont Concrete Finishing Co. v Marshall (2011), 338 D.L.R.(4th) 144, 2011 ONSC 1560 (Ont. C.A.) (full text of the decision)

© 2011 Ken Crofoot

September 2011
Canbar West Projects Ltd. v. Sure Shot Sandblasting & Painting Ltd.,

2011 ABCA 107 (full text of the decision)

© Lowell Westersund, with assistance from Josh Fraese

Mai 2011
Struc-Forme Inc. c. Axor Construction Canada Inc. 500-09-020465-100 (full-text of decision)

© 2011 Dominique Zaurrini

Fevrier 2011
Société du port ferroviaire de Baie-Comeau-Hauterive c. Jean Fournier inc.

[2010] QCCA 2161, EYB 2010-182681 (full text of the decision)

© 2011 David H. Kauffman

February 2011
Construction Arbitration In The U.S.: One Canadian’s Perspective

© 2010 Harvey J. Kirsh

September 2010
Halifax (Regional Municipality) v. Amber Contracting Ltd., 2009 NSCA 103 (full text of the decision)

© 2010 T. Arthur Barry, Q.C.

Septembre 2010
Henri Cousineau & Fils Inc. c. Axa Assurances Inc. et Plomberie A.R. Ltée., 700-22-019982-098 (full-text of decision)

© 2010 Dominique Zaurrini

March 2010
Tercon Contractors Ltd. v. British Columbia(Transportation and Highways), 2010 SCC 4 (full-text of decision)

© 2010 Bruce Reynolds and Sharon Vogel

January 2010
Maystar General Contractors Inc. v. Newmarket (Town), 2009 ONCA 675 (full-text of decision)

© 2009 Matthew R. Alter

September 2009
Coco Paving (1990) v. Ontario (Transportation)

2009 ONCA 503 (full text of decision)

© 2009 Matthew R. Alter

June 2009
Hub Excavating Ltd. v. Orca Estates Ltd.

2009 BCCA 167 (full text of decision)

© 2009 Jason S. Twa and John S. Logan

Juin 2009
Groupe Benoît inc. c. UP inc., 2009 QCCA 328 (CanLII)

© 2009 Dominique Zaurrini, Zaurrini & Associates

January 2009
Canadian National Railway Co. v. Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance Co. of Canada, 2008 SCC 66

© 2008 Rick H. Shaban and Sharon C. Vogel

Novembre 2008 / Featured Article, november 2008
Les structures GB ltée v. Ville de Rimouski

EYB 2008-133384 (C.S.)

© Dominique Zaurrini, Zaurrini & Associates

October 2008
“Dispute Review Boards” and “Adjudication”: Two Cutting-Edge ADR Processes in International Construction

© 2008 Harvey J. Kirsh

Juin 2008 / Featured Article, June 2008
3051226 Canada Inc. C. Aéroport de Montréal

NO : 500-09-017260-068

17 avril 2008

© Dominique Zaurrini, Zaurrini & Associates

June 2008
Nav Canada v. Greater Fredericton Airport Authority Inc., 2008 NBCA 28

© 2008 T. Arthur Barry, Q.C., Stewart McKelvey

Janvier 2008 / Featured Article: January 2008
ABB Inc. c. Domtar Inc., 2007

CSC 50 (22 novembre 2007)

© Gregory B. Bordan, Ogilvy Renault

Octobre 2007
Municipalité Régionale de Comté de Roussillon c. Construction Frank Catania & Associés Inc. et Compagnie d’Assurances St-Paul Garantie, [2007] J.Q. no 7995 (C.S.)

© Louis-Michel Tremblay et Éric Couture

October 2007
Kennedy Electric Limited v. Dana Canada Corporation, [2007] O.J. No. 3657 (C.A.)

© 2007 Matthew R. Alter, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

Août 2007
Évaluations BTF Inc. c. Ville de Saguenay

© Louis-Michel Tremblay et Éric Couture

July 2007
Continental Steel Ltd. v. Mierau Contractors Ltd., 2007 BCCA 292

© John Logan and Wes McMillan, Jenkins Marzban Logan LLP

Tendering – Taking a “Nuanced View of Costs”: Another Lesson for Tendering Authorities, Bidders and Lawyers

May 2007
Double N Earthmovers Ltd. v. Edmonton (City), 2007 SCC 3.

Jurisdiction: Alberta (Supreme Court of Canada)

© 2007 Jean C. van der Lee, Q.C. Field LLP

Mai 2007
Manac Inc. / Nortex c. Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company of Canada, Cour d’Appel J.E. 2006-2212 et J.E. 2006-2215, le 31 octobre 2006. Jurisdiction: Quebec

Auteurs: Louis-Michel Tremblay and Éric Couture, Miller Thomson Pouliot, LLP

“The Lien is Dead, Long Live The Lien”: Can the Equitable Doctrine of Estoppel Resurrect Expired Lien Rights?

© 2005 Harvey J. Kirsh (Published in the Construction Law Update News Bulletin)

The Equitable Doctrine of Marshalling In Construction Lien Actions

© 2004 Harvey J. KirshConstruction and Infrastructure Group

“Faulty Design and Forseeability: How High Is Up?”

R. Bruce Reynolds & Sharon C. Vogel

Reproduced with permission from LexisNexis Canada from the Construction Law Letter, edited by Paul Sandori and Harvey Kirsh, copyright 2003.

“Mould – A Growing Problem”

© October 21, 2003 Robert A. Graesser, Q.C.

Prepared for and presented at the Legal Education Society of Alberta’s “Construction Law Update: Toxic Mould & Tendering” Seminar held October 21 and 23, 2003

“Pass-Through” Construction Claims

© March 2003, Harvey J. Kirsh

This article was first published in the March 21, 2003 issue of the Lawyers Weekly

“Who Is Entitled To Make a Lien Claim?”

© March 7, 2002 David I. Bristow, Q.C.

The Canadian Institute, Construction Superconference


Featured Case Comments

February 2016
Scaffolding Collapse – Project Manager Sentenced to 3.5 Years

© 2016 Ronald W. Price

September 2015
Failure to be Reasonable and to Cooperate

© 2015 E. Jane Sidnell, Rose LLP

May 2015
SCC Rules on Threshold Issues for Expert Evidence– Exclusion versus Weight

© 2015 Ken Crofoot

February 2015
Insurance Coverage for Unexpected and Unintended Events versus Exclusion of Faulty Workmanship and Design

© 2014 David Miachika and Lauren Kristjanson

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