August 6, 2001

2001 News

A number of our Fellows were featured in “The 2001 Leading 500 Lawyers in Canada”, published by American Lawyer Media in conjunction with LEXPERT. The new section on “Construction Law” featured the following Fellows (who, incidentally, made up 11 of the 12 listings):

David I. Bristow, Q.C.
Duncan Glaholt
Harvey J. Kirsh
Kenneth W. Scott, Q.C.
Howard M. Wise

Daniel Ayotte
Olivier Kott

Robert W. Jenkins
Christopher J. O’Connor
 John R. Singleton, Q.C.

W. Donald Goodfellow, Q.C.

Harvey Kirsh was recently appointed the Canadian correspondent of a new English law report series, the Technology and Construction Law Reports. This series, which will focus primarily on cases heard in the new court, is a joint venture of Atkin Chambers, one of London’s foremost construction law Chambers, and Sweet and Maxwell. The consultant editor is His Honour Judge Humphrey Lloyd, Q.C., a judge of the court, and the editorial team includes Nicholas Baatz, Q.C. and other members of Atkin Chambers.

Harvey Kirsh, John Singleton, David Kauffman, and William Ryan were mentioned in a World Legal Forum article entitled “Canada’s Star Billers”. Click here for the full text of the article.

Web Site Changes

The Canadian College of Construction Lawyers is establishing a panel of mediators and arbitrators. An index and web pages with a brief narrative about the mediators and arbitrators summarizing their experience and training is being developed with hyperlinks to their brief CV’s…


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